Coding Projects

  Crypto Bot - (2020) Crypto bot is a secure cryptocurrency trade scheduler. Allows users to automatically purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other supported Coinbase Pro products at user-defined inervals. Effective for anyone looking for a tool to dollar-cost average into a position at low fees, and track their performance over time.

  Trump Sleep Bot - (2020) @trump_slept is bot I built to track Donald Trump's daily sleep totals. It is a fully automated bot that posts daily updates, generates sleep charts, and replies to fresh tweets by popular political accounts.

  JWT Auth Demo - (2020) JWT Auth Demo is a project built to prove-out token based API security. It includes a front-end and HTTP request/response interceptors to manage token lifecylce. Based on rest-api-tutorial by @makinhs.

  Charleston Music Calendar - (2019) View all upcoming events in the Charleston live music scene. Listings are automatically refreshed every hour, so it's always-up-to-date. Discuss and show support by upvoting and commenting on events you're interested in.

  Spotify Stats - (2019) Spotify Stats presents data collected from Spotify to populate your rankings lists and Hipster score. This app leverages OAuth to scope API permissions and collect data on a user's behalf.

  Concert Companion (SangItLive) - (2016) An Android app for live music lovers to help track upcoming tour dates, and past set lists for their favorite artists.